Looking to get your first car or perhaps upgrading to something new?

Diamond Bank is giving you a chance to pick from two exciting car brands – Hyundai and Kia!

The Diamond-Kia and Diamond-Hyundai Auto Loan Promos are on; with these great features:

✓ Reduced interest rate – as low as 14%

✓ No Management or Commitment Fees

✓ Convenient repayment plan up to 36 months; with the option to liquidate your loan at any time without any penalty

✓ Comprehensive Insurance at 3.5%

✓ Vehicle Tracking (60,000 for the first year and 25,000 for subsequent years)

FREE Death Cover

A FREE smartphone for every car purchased – Microsoft Lumia 730 for each Kia vehicle purchased; and Samsung Galaxy Tab E for every Hyundai vehicle purchased


• Obtain a Pro-forma invoice for the vehicle from any of the outlets of Hyundai Motors and/or Dana Motors across the country

• Pick up, complete and submit an Application Form at any of our branches nationwide; and provide all required documentation. You can also download the Loan Application Form HERE

• The decision on your loan request would be communicated to you within 48hrs of submission of Application Form and required documents

• For successful loan applications, payment for the vehicles will be made directly into the dealer’s account, and the car delivered to your Branch for pick-up!

This promo is available up to December 31, 2015 and open to existing customers who have run their accounts with the Bank for a minimum period of three (3) months.

Terms and conditions apply*

For enquiries, please send an email to diamondwoman@diamondbank.com or call 07003000000

Diamond Woman… Every Woman

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