DW House Rules

As we express our opinions via our online communities, commenting forums, twitter feeds, Facebook message boards, blogs and all other Diamond Woman/Diamond Bank interactive communities, we ask that all participants be respectful and considerate of other users.

Our community is a place where people can seek advice, share ideas, and generate positive, thoughtful dialogue. Members can come to one another for advice, support and shared experiences. While we invite productive debate, Diamond Woman/Diamond Bank does not encourage personal attacks, malicious postings or name calling.

Keep Our Rules

By participating in the Forums, you agree to uphold the Diamond Woman House Rules, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If we become aware that a member has violated the Terms of Use, House Rules or other posted Diamond Woman/ Diamond Bank policies, that member’s account may be deactivated without notice.

Minimum Age

You must be 18 years old or older to participate in the Forums.

Personal Information Policy

Please do not post or solicit personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, last names (you may use last initials), medical, financial, or any other private information about yourself or others. 

Foul Language

We don’t allow obscene, hateful, profane, racist/tribalistic, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable language or material in any of our online forums. Also, community members are not expected to harass, insult, defame, slander, abuse or threaten another person (Diamond Woman Community Member or Otherwise). We advice you discontinue any conversation that makes you uncomfortable. 


You may not post any content for commercial gain. Such posts derail and devalue conversations. Diamond Woman has a CSR scheme with strict verification processes.  In view of this all requests for charity aid should follow the Diamond Woman due process to ensure authenticity of the cause.  Please do not request aids from other members of the community.  In an effort to protect Diamond Woman Members from fraud, we must prohibit solicitations for charities outside the Diamond Woman CSR scheme. 

Illegal Activity

You may not suggest or encourage illegal or violent activity. Diamond Woman Diamond Bank will assist law enforcement officials to prosecute you if the need arises. 

Personal Advice

Any advice or information provided on Diamond Woman is of a general nature. It cannot substitute for the services of professionals. Please keep in mind that Members may claim expertise or status (legal, medical, etc.) that they do not, in fact, possess. Thoughtful discretion should be given to all advice found on the site. 


You may not create more than one username.  To help develop a trustworthy community it is best you stick to one single form of identity. 

Authorized Postings

It is inappropriate to post content for which you do not have copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights to on this site. Please only post content, that you can certify has the consent of all contributors to the actual content. If you post pictures of children under the age of 18 it must be with their parent or legal guardians consent. Please ensure that any content you post does not have the full name, physical address, email address, telephone number or other contact detail of any underage person. 

Post at Your Own Risk

Please note that you participate in our community at your own risk. Diamond Woman /Diamond Bank takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted. Please be warned that you take full responsibility for any and all use under your account and username, regardless of whether you’ve authorised it or not. 

Posts Review 

While we may not review all material posted (and are under no obligation to do so), we reserve the right to reject postings/comments including those that are off-subject, not in English or that contain personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, impersonations, advertising or that violate the Diamond Woman / Diamond Bank House Rules or Terms of Use. 

Complaints If you feel that someone in the community is acting inappropriately please let us know by logging in and using the ‘report abuse’ form. The complaint would be looked into.

Technical Problems 

Are you having technical problems using Diamond Woman or a tool on our site?  Send us an email on DiamondWoman@Diamondbank.com