(Available up to 31stDecember 2014)

Looking to get your first car or perhaps you prefer an upgrade to something new…

The Diamond Hyundai Auto Loan Scheme is the solution!

The scheme offers you short to medium term loans with convenient repayment terms to help you buy the Hyundai car of your choice.


  • Fixed monthly repayment over the term of the loans
  • Available to existing and prospective customers of Diamond Bank
  • No Management Fee and No Commitment fee
  • Available to Individuals and small business owners
  • No collateral required
  • Available tenor is fixed at 36 months and 48 months depending on your choice.
  • Free Comprehensive Insurance for the first year (subsequent years to be charged at discounted rate of 3.5%. Premiums payable annually)
  • Free Tracking for the first year. Annual subscription for subsequent years to be borne by customers throughout the loan tenure.
  • Free vehicle service for one year!
  • FREE ipad mini to be delivered to customers for each Hyundai financed under the promo!


  • Obtain a Proforma invoice for the vehicle from a Diamond approved Hyundai dealer
  • Pick up an application form from any of our branches nationwide
  • You will need to provide additional documents such as proof of employment and proof of income
  • The decision on your loan request would be communicated to you within 48hrs of submission of application and relevant documents
  • For successful loan applications, payment for the vehicles will be made directly into the dealership’s accounts, and they would deliver to the bank for your collection.

Apply now!
Contact us on 07003000000
Email: enquiries@diamondbank.com or visit any Diamond branch

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