June 15, 2016

winning over your boss 2Let’s face it people with the current economic climate, change is coming to the labour market like it is going out of style. Chances are you get to have a new boss at least three times in your career: During Promotion, Transfer and Relocation or Change in Management. The frequency though is up to you.

There are basically four things you need to control, adjust or manage when this happens namely

  1. ATTITUDE: Believe it or not, attitude accounts for everything in the work place especially to management whose representative
  2. is your boss. You need to be optimistic; viewing the changeover as an opportunity for you to shine not as a threat. You also need to let go of any resentment or angst you feel because it is not about you, though to your employer it is about the quality and quantity of the job and the bottom line which is why You are the Employee and it is called Work. So always champion the changes that follow your boss and colleagues will notice and apprecia


  1. PRIORITIES: You need to prioritize, in this case put your boss first. We hear these phrases all the time; ‘know your customer.’, ‘know your business.’ Well you ought to know your boss. How so? Observe. Communicate. Listen and Learn. How does your boss like to be addressed in the office? What medium of communication does he/she prefer? What kind of people do they surround themselves with? What does he or she like? Most importantly what are their goals and objectives and how can you help.


  1. WORK ETHICS: Having managed the above you let your work speak for itself. You take ownership of everything handed over to you and complete it in a timely and efficient manner with a smile. You take initiative and anticipate your boss’ needs in line with the company objective. You ask questions and let your pride take a backseat while you accept constructive criticism. If you can’t handle it refer to points number one and two.


  1. PRESENTATION: Mirror your boss please and dress the part. I mean think Anne Hathaway in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’; Her boss thought her to be insignificant, clueless and a waste of a space and didn’t acknowledge her by name until she started dressing the part because it was the first positive clue that she had taken ownership of her job and position in the company. You do not work in a bank and dress like a waitress do you? Most people as a general rule are more comfortable with others that share similar or common traits, hobbies and values along with them. Also your boss would like to go out with you as your physical presentation states rather boldly ‘we are a united team.’ Something your boss will not only want to project but appreciate.


Similarly do unto others what you want them to do unto you bearing in mind exactly what you yourself expect from a subordinate because eventually you either become someone else’s boss or your very own boss.


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