June 28, 2016

repair woman

In this day and age when the economy is dealing with us to the point that the mallam selling Ijebu garri is telling you about the rise in dollar we really need to tighten our purse strings and cut our cloth according to the available yards of material sisters. While shopping is great and all you realize we save more when we repair the following items instead of replacing them with new ones

  • Shoes: So long as you have got a good cobbler your pumps will always look good. A good cobbler can always replace the soles of things to repairyour shoes, heels or instep, polish and revamp the leather with a quarter of the cost of getting a brand new pair that you won’t need to break in.


  • Bags and Luggage: they sure take a beating with constant travel, manhandling and conveyor belts but fixing the zip, leather or lining is way cheaper than getting new ones. Most cobblers in Lagos fix bags or have their shops close to leather worker or people who sell and fix bags and luggage.
  • Cars: Let us face it, provided we maintain our car with reasonable driving, regular engine and maintenance checks, oil changes, washes, fuel and water top ups we won’t have to worry too much about them. It is cheaper to fix since its part of our everyday lives in the long run than to buy a new one.
  • Jewelry and watches: We know they don’t make them like they used to anymore, it is cheaper to fix and polish your gold than to buy a new set. Same with watches, better to change the strap, battery provided you know a good watchmaker.
  • Furniture: New age, European and contemporary furniture is expensive. I mean a settee or leather couch costs about N250,000, it is much cheaper to have your furniture re-upholstered and fixed by a trusted carpenter especially if its good wood furniture. It can be polished and coated as well to give a good shine.carpenter
  • Appliances: This is especially good if it is still under warranty. Also especially for stoves and gas cookers the older models are hardier than the newer ones. I have been using mine for 20 years now. It saves you a lot of hassle and funds to repair.

Use the 30% rule. If it costs you 30% of the total cost of a new item or less to fix then repair instead of replacing and invest the excess you would have used to purchase the new item so that by the time you are ready to purchase something new you have a little extra.


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