June 30, 2016


This is a question most graduates ask themselves and haven worked in both types of organisations I can tell you they each have their advantages and disadvantages and the onus is on you to choose. I can tell you now that it is easier for an employee of an SME (Small and Medium-scale Enterprise) to shine and acclimatize herself in an MNC (Multi National Company) than one from an MNC to do same in an SME.

LEARNING Its structured and specialized and the company has a vested interest in training and retreats. You learn on the job and training is more versatile in nature albeit unstructured.
OPPORTUNITIES Loads of room to move up and out since there a different departments and branches so there is opportunity for diversification and relocation though promotion is structured on a timely basis Promotion is faster as its done on available space, experience, skill, sales or client knowledge. Not much room though for diversification and promotions cannot exceed a point. Since company is small and privately owned.
ENVIROMENT Facilities are better in line with international standards and periodically upgraded, you get pretty insular since it is impossible to know everyone you work with outside your department. The environment remains formal Facilities are mostly old or passed down, you form a tight knit work group where everyone knows everybody else and the clients as well. Better team dynamics with a semi informal atmosphere.
PROTOCOL/BUREAUCRACY There are protocols and channels to follow that hold up operations and productions. Often times this is an issue as the red-tape is pretty off putting. But if you are a go getter you find your way around. Absence of bureaucracy, business thrives on the fastest turn-around time lest competitors take over. Often times
STAFF TURNOVER There is better job security as core staff retention is high as company is highly invested in their staff with more benefits accorded. Extremely good start-up salary High staff turnover, less benefits and entitlements with lower salaries but higher positions
GROWTH There is tougher competition here and chances of personal growth is more difficult to attain also overtime the job or the process becomes monotonous in nature Better chances for personal growth with less competition on ground


Before you make up your mind though ask yourself which of these fits my personality better, though its easier to start from an SME and graduate to an MNC

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