June 24, 2014

How-to-avoid-getting-fired-2-400x260(BEFORE YOU GET FIRED, WHEN YOU GET FIRED & AFTER YOU GET FIRED)

Okay so… if you have never been fired in your life before you should still read this article because in one way or another. we have all being fired from a role in life, whether it’s, being fired from a job, relationship, marriage, or a dream, we have all being fired from something in life. Now, we all understand the concept of getting fired as the exclusion from a certain group, union or sect but, we can now understand that getting fired is simply an instrument that redirects our life path unto the right course, but this depends on our ability to see the experience as a lesson which can evolve into a blessing.


Red-Flag-e1402051888895Most people who would admit to getting fired will tell you in hindsight that the warning signs were very visible. If you did not see the signs then you were probably just not self aware but if you did see the signs then you should have been more proactive about the change in the wind that was soon to occur. The red flags that normally come with the firing squad are:

A change in the relationship between you and the other party. If your boss no longer sees you as an asset but now treats you like an irritant that’s a big red flag you should not ignore.

If your team is freezing you out and distancing themselves from you, that’s another red flag that spells that a separation is in progress.

If everyone around you sees you as a negative force who only sees the glass as half full that’s another sign you need to work on.

If you’ve lost the will to perform and just can’t find the motivation to carry on, that’s another loud sign that you are disconnecting from your current role

If you are now being micro managed at work and put on a performance improvement plan you should not see this as just anything but the motions of getting fired being put in place

If your entire team but you gets a raise it’s time to sit down and think about your exit plan from your current role.
Sometimes a red flag is simply a warning to you to sit up and find a way to rebrand yourself within your current role. Decide on whether you can change the negative perceptions you have allowed others to make of you and analyse whether you have enough time to control any damage and turn things around in your favour. The red flag stage is a time for serious reflection.


you-are-fired-e1402052359978Okay so … time ran out before you could actually turn the firing squad around… that’s fine too! Just remember we only part to meet again, so with this in mind you must make sure that you go against every instinct in your entire being and remain dignified during the firing phase. As strange as this may sound not matter how long you worked in place the one thing you will always be remembered by is how you managed the separation phase for indeed the end of a thing is more remarkable than the beginning. So…

Don’t freak out when you get fired. Now is the time to be dignified and graceful.

Whatever you do, don’t be rash and always think of your reputation before you act.

If you can negotiate your departure to favour you, do so quickly.

Immediately consider what getting fired means for your financial wellbeing.

Doesn’t be a sore loser; keep in touch with your co workers, agencies and clients. Hopefully you treated them nicely when you were in employment. Karma could work for or against you now.

Stay objective and try to learn from the lessons of getting fired. Do not play the victim.

If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed and wish to dispute the terms of your disengagement, don’t manage this process yourself let your lawyers communicate on your behalf.

Remember, you won’t be the first or last person to be fired. Its no big deal in the grand scheme of things.


life-goes-on-e1402053076208Ok so… it’s the morning after the day you got fired. Roll out of bed, slip on some flip flops and walk outside. Look up into the sky… did the sun come out today? Look down … is the grass on your lawn still growing? Listen carefully can you hear your neighbour’s generators blaring? If the answer is yes especially to the last question then it’s good news. You are alive! You still live in Nigeria!! The land of the strong! The land of survivors! The land of the fruitful hustler!! Go back inside your house make yourself the biggest breakfast ever and watch some TV!! You only lost your job you did not lose your life!

R-E-J-O-I-C-E!                  R-E-L-A-X!!                R-E-F-L-E-C-T!!!

Do this for as long as you can afford to and then take the next steps towards your new future

1. Take stock of where you are financially.
How long do you have before you NEED a new job?

2. Review what happened.
How can you become an asset in your next job?

3. Realise you are the product.
You only lost your job you did not lose your experience, skills, or contact list. You are the product, you still have value and you are sellable. The sooner you realise this the sooner you realise that you have the potential to become a walking ATM machine full of cash rich ideas!

4. Focus your effort toward your next most profitable position

5. Network! Network!! Network!!!
People are connectors. Get plugged in!

6. Keep good records.
Build your portfolio and keep a good record of next appointments, interviews and referrals.

7. NO only means NOT YET.
Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get hired straight away. You need to get through what’s wrong for you to find what’s just right for you.

8. Keep a positive attitude.
Be hopeful!

9. Celebrate the yes!
You will eventually find your place in the work force. Don’t forget to celebrate when you do.

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